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The Tunnel Magnacoolers can be designed and built to the requirements of your existing oven and products. The tunnel cooler is made to order and individually designed to suit your production requirements. Please contact our team for further information.

Tunnel magnacooler
Tunnel bakery cooler
  • Cooling times in line with baking times (depending on product weight and recipe) 

  • Increase profits, production and product quality

  • Save time with the product ready to be packed and distributed in a fraction of the time

  • Create and save valuable space on the work floor

  • Vent the heat from your bakery

  • Low energy solution for cooling

  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals or gases required!

  • Less condensation on walls and ceilings, saving on cleaning.

  • Cooling in line with HACCP standards

  • Reduction of bacteria’s *

  • Extended shelf life of product *

  • Reduce scaling weights with improved moisture retention *

* Independent test results available on request.


Get in touch with your requirements to discuss how we can help streamline your bakery

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