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  • Is Ultra-Violet effective against a Virus?
    Viruses can be broken down in several ways including through exposure to UV Lights. UV light could also break down the COVID19 virus and we look forward to seeing the government's results from their current testing. Viruses are microscopic parasites and are generally smaller than a bacteria, they cannot self reproduce and require a host to do this, they are very fragile and are only protected by a coat of fat/protein known as the Capsid. The Capsid is a coat surrounding the inner nucleic acid core which is the heart of the virus, once the Capsid is destroyed or broken down then the inner nucleus of the virus cannot survive and also breaks down and dies immediately. The Capsid in tested viruses can be broken by washing hands in a soapy lather for 20 seconds, hand sanitiser with a minimum 65% alcohol content or UV Lights.
  • How long is the cooling time for my baked product?
    Cooling times in line with baking times, this is depending on product weight and recipe.
  • What temperature will the Magnacooler bring my products down to?
    36-40deg C depending on type and weight of product
  • How will the Magnacooler know the difference between my products?
    The Magnacooler can be programmed specifically for each individual product you have ensuring that each product will be cooled to the required core temperature of 35deg C.
  • Does the Magnacooler need any refrigerant maintenance?
    No absolutely not! The Magnacooler is an Eco Friendly system whereby no refrigerants are required.
  • How often will I need to change the filters?
    This depends on (i) how often you use the Magnacooler, (ii) the quality of the environmental air around you and (iii) the type of products you are cooling, on average most customers will change the filters every 12 months.
  • How will I know when the filters will need changing?
    The SmartCool software will give you a 30 day notification, the sensors in the Magnacooler will detect when the airflow is being reduced to an amount that will require a filter change. Filters are F7 type and HACCP approved.
  • How can I order new filters?
    Please contact your local Magnacool distributor or Magnacool direct at filters can be dispatched within 1-2 days.
  • Where is the Magnacool manufactured?
    The Magnacooler is manufactured here in the UK where the factory is BS, EN, ISO9001 approved, the factory has been proudly manufacturing for the bakery industry globally since 1946; it also has a fully equipped test bakery where you can test your products in the Magnacooler.
  • How will the Magnacooler affect my product?
    By capturing the moisture the Magnacooler will improve the finished product weight/yeild and increase the shelf life of your products (See our independent tests)
  • What is the Magnacool Supreme?
    The Magnacool Supreme has the addition of a custom built UV system eradicating 99.9% of bacteria’s including E-Coli.
  • How long does it take to install a Magnacooler?
    With our qualified engineers we recommend to allocate 2 -3 days per Magnacooler.
  • What is the delivery time for a Magnacooler?
    On average the lead-time per Magnacooler is 8 weeks plus shipping time.

If you have more questions about baked product cooling then please get in touch

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