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Your Magnacooler will be installed by our qualified engineers.

We recommend allocating 2 -3 days per Magnacooler for installation of our bakery coolers.


Customer's Responsibility & Pre-installation Checklist

  • Engineer’s accommodation and travel plans are secured. Hotel/Hotels to include breakfast, evening meal & internet connection. Transfers in place from airport to hotel, hotel to bakery, bakery to hotel etc.

  • Electric connection in place: Per Magnacooler = 3 x 400 V (cable in area 1.5meter of first cooler) + N + E – 50 Hz, Fuse: 3 x 25 A.

  • Ducting company to be onsite for day 1 to meet engineers to discuss ducting and the 2 x openings per Magnacooler for them to cut in the roof of 800 mm x 800 mm for the ducts + closing after installation.

  • Forklift truck with capacity of 1000 kg up to 5 meter.

  • A selection of tools for the engineers to use if they are flying to the installation.

  • 2 x ladders of 2 - 3 m.

  • Fresh drinking water available during installation & lunch supplied.

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