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The Next Generation in Cooling Technology

One of the greatest obstacles in the modern bakery is that of the waiting times which are necessary to allow the baked products to cool. These waiting times not only slow up production times but also create an increase need in trolleys, baking trays and tins. Moreover, it reduces the available space, which results in potential chaos in the work place.

We offer you a cooling unit, specially developed and designed to cool down baked products. Depending on the ingredients used in the products, cooling time will be reduced.

In this way, we create a continuous baking – cooling process.

Tunnel cooler

The Magnacooler

The Magnacooler

2000, 2800, 3200, 3400


The Magnacooler is available in 4 different sizes to accommodate your bakery. The Magnacooler can be used with single or double racks to accommodate EU, UK & US sizing.

The tunnel cooler is made to order and individually designed to suit your production requirements.

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  • Cooling times in line with baking times (depending on product weight & recipe) 
  • Increase profits, production and product quality
  • Save time with the product ready to be packed and distributed in a fraction of the time
  • Create and save valuable space on the work floor
  • Vent the heat from your bakery 
  • Low energy solution for cooling
  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals or gases required!
  • Less condensation on walls and ceilings, saving on cleaning
  • Cooling in line with HACCP standards
  • Reduction of bacterias
  • Bespoke UV Disinfection System eradicates 99.9% of bacteria
  • Extended shelf life of product
  • Reduce scaling weights with improved moisture retention

Rack Configurations

80cm x 60cm (EU)

Double Rack

80cm x 60cm (EU)

30" x 18" (UK & US)

Bespoke Fitting

We can accommodate low hanging ceilings by adapting the Magnacooler to fit your building with side ducting.

UV Disinfection System
MagnaCool UV Supreme

The UV system is safely fitted on all Magnacool Supreme models and can also be retro- fitted to your existing Magnacooler.


A fully functional UV system kills 99.99% of E-coli micro-organisms.

The system provides disinfection of airflow by using germicidal ultraviolet radiation at wavelength of 254nm which disables biological contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and moulds.

Magnacool UV system

Magnacool UV Supreme


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