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Supply Chain Disruption 2021

Many will have been following the recent news, full of stories of delays and disruption to the integral supply chains of Great Britain. There are very few industries that haven’t felt the effects of these issues, and we wanted to take a closer look at how the baking sector is coping.

The disruption is largely down to the shortage of HGV drivers. UK driving job agency Driver Require stated that the shortage of drivers was a result of multiple issues including the relaxing of COVID restrictions which has seen an increase in demand and the exodus EU drivers following Brexit.

The UK Baking industry is feeling the impact of the HGV driver shortage because ingredients are taking longer to arrive, and these delays also affect customers who are waiting longer to take delivery of their products.

It is entirely inevitable that these disruptions and delays would begin to show on the shelves at the supermarkets. For a number of weeks now, it has been evident that retailers were running low on stock, and this is likely to get worse. It will also impact the consumer in terms of cost. The shortage is pushing up wages to attract and retain drivers, and haulage charges have sharply increased. These additional costs will eventually make their way to the consumer who will likely see an increase on their shopping bill.

By introducing the Magnacooler to your bakery, we could help you extend the shelf life of your baked goods, ensuring they are still fresh when they are delivered to your distributor or customer. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, visit our website here

You can speak to a member of our friendly team by calling us on +44 (0) 1159 659539 or emailing us on

Have you been impacted by the recent issues? You can let us know in the comments below.



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