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How is the Magnacooler environmentally friendly?

One of the greatest obstacles in the modern bakery is that of the waiting times which are necessary to allow the baked products to cool. These waiting times not only slow up production times but also create an increase need in trolleys, baking trays and tins. Moreover, it reduces the available space, which results in potential chaos in the work place.

In this blog we wanted to take the time to explain our product, how it works and why it is environmentally friendly, something we are very proud of.

The key thing is that we do not use gasses or refrigerants. We use evaporative cooling which is the mixing of air and moisture and the great thing is that the Magnacooler uses the steam/moisture from the products and mixes it with air to create cooler air which is sent back to the product.

Humidity and temperature probes inside the Magnacooler monitor the air from your product. The SmartCool software then begins to gradually mix the air from the outside with the hot air and moisture from your product and reintroduces the cooler air towards the products. This ensures a minimum loss of flavour and moisture. The Magnacool SmartCool software will monitor and minimise the amount of air taken from your product and vented outside ensuring maximum moisture and flavour retention.

You can take a closer look at how the Magnacooler works with our interactive webpage here


  • Cooling time same as baking time

  • Increase profits, production and product quality

  • Save time with the product ready to be packed and distributed in a fraction of the time

  • Create and save valuable space on the work floor

  • Vent the heat from your bakery 

  • Low energy solution for cooling

  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals or gases required!

  • Less condensation on walls and ceilings, saving on cleaning

  • Cooling in line with HACCP standards

  • Reduction of bacterias

  • 99.99% eradication of bacteria & viruses with the Magnacool Supreme UV model 

  • Extended shelf life of product

  • Reduce scaling weights with improved moisture retention

The quicker your product is cooled, the less bacteria develops and the longer your product stays fresh!

If you'd like to know more, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us by emailing us at or calling us on +44 (0) 1159 659539



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