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Easter Baking from Around the World

With Easter just around the corner, we thought we'd take a whistle-stop tour of international Easter Bakes! If you're inspired, we've linked a recipe for each so you can give it a go! Lets start in Spain...


Easter is more commonly known as Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Spain and sees a host of traditions and celebrations. A popular baked dish during this time is Torrijas, which can be best described as a mix between French toast and bread & butter pudding. Made with slightly stale bread, it is left to soak in milk, sugar, and spices overnight before being dipped in an egg mix and fried until crispy and golden brown.

Here's a recipe from Tastes Better from Scratch

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Image from Food and Wine Ireland


A traditional dish made in Greece around Easter is an egg enriched bread called Tsoureki. Made by braiding two individual strands of dough, it contains two traditional Greek spices: mastic and mahlab. During the Holy celebrations, families dye boiled eggs a deep crimson red, to symbolise the blood of Christ, and these are used to decorate the Tsoureki.

Here is a recipe from My Greek Dish

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Image from Greek City Times


In a similar vein to our Hot Cross Buns, Columba di Pasque (Easter Dove) is a very popular treat during Easter in Italy. Falling between a panettone and a pandoro, it’s flavoured with candied peel and topped with almonds and sugar. Modern variations include chocolate chips and even fudge!

Here is a recipe from The Spruce Eats

Image from GialloZafferano Blog


The Austrian bread Reindling can be either sweet or savoury. It is customary to serve it with ham, spiced, smoked sausage and hard boiled eggs but if sweet is more your thing, it can also be made with cocoa powder, cinnamon and for those who like a little bit extra, a dash of rum! In any case, they are made the same, rolled and baked in a round.

Here is a recipe from Austria's official tourism site

Image from


Flaouna bread, also known as Easter or Ramadan bread, is stuffed with cheese and mint and typically eaten at breakfast with a strong cup of coffee!

Here's a recipe from My Greek Dish

Image from My Greek Dish

Do you know of any other traditional Easter bakes that we haven’t mentioned? What is your best-selling bake during this period? Let us know in the comments below!

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