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Artisan Baker: SØDT

At Magnacool, we are always interested to see the innovation and experimentation of artisan bakers. They produce beautiful breads and push the boundaries of baking in their pursuit of perfection. Whilst most artisan bakers are small in their scale, we share their love for their craft and recognise it is quite frequently the first steps of journey that will take them to larger scale production. In the next instalment of our Artisan Baker series, we spoke to Troels Bendix from SØDT - The Hygge Bakery.

1. Please can you tell us about yourself and your bakery? SØDT is an artisan bakery in West Sussex also known as The Hygge bakery. I am from Denmark where hygge is part of the national psyche. There is no direct English translation for hygge, it is best described as a feeling of contentment and well-being found through simple pleasures. I am a trained chef and self taught baker and started SØDT with my business partner, Pawel, in 2018.

Pawel (left) and Troels (right)

2.  How and when did you discover your passion for baking? My last job in Denmark was as executive chef for a progressive chain of bakery/cafes. It was trendsetting in Denmark with sourdough bread. Later my chef career took me to London. I found I was really missing the bread and started my own sourdough bakery in London. Sourdough baking has always been a cornerstone in my baking and SØDT bakery is founded on the same principles.

3.  Do you have a specialty? The Danish Rye Bread, which is an adaptation of an old family recipe. We have also developed a range of rye based recipes that are available exclusively from SØDT, including Ryeola which is a granola with sprouted rye and has rye as the only grain.

4.  What are your plans for the future? To grow the business and make the bread and rye products more widely available.

5.  Do you have a baking idol/hero/mentor? I spent time in California in 2000 and got to meet and hang out with my hero, Chad Robertson from Tartine bakery.

6.  Where can people buy your baking? There is a list of stockists and farmers’ markets on our website, We really enjoyed learning more about SØDT, its roots and ambitions! If you are a baker or know a baker that would like to be featured, get in touch!



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