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3 Consumer Trends for the Baking Industry

Bio Solutions Novozymes have highlighted three consumer trends for the baking industry to watch.

Here are three trends that the Novozymes believe have already changing the baking landscape, and think will continue to do so in the year – or years – to come.

1. Bread that’s meant to be shared - online

'... for the consumer looking to share a photo of their treat on social media, appearance is more important than ever before. Take, for instance, the rainbow bagels served at The Bagel Store in New York City. These colorful creations were made famous on Snapchat by reality star Jonathan Cheban.'

2. Creating a healthier, more meaningful eating experience

'One way producers are responding to this trend is by incorporating “superfood” seeds into their offerings, such as chia seeds.'

3. Craft baked goods – especially with local ingredients

'... bakeries are also including more and more local ingredients in their recipes, and that’s a trend resonating with consumers as well. This delivers a “more local” product with a lower carbon footprint, leading to a positive feeling for the purchaser.'



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